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With the dawn of the new "patient centric" NHS, there are massive changes being introduced in the management of the patient's medical records and their clinical data.

With the ever changing healthcare industry posing new challenges for the NHS to go paperless and be capable of sharing patient information electronically, securely and instantly on multitude of devices, It is inevitable that in the foreseeable future, patient data and medical records will play a very significant role in providing better healthcare services.

MediTech Solutions is a company solely dedicated to managing patient data and sensitive medical information via its innovative clinical data conversion/management solutions.

MediTech Solutions is the national provider of leading edge & comprehensive e-Health solutions that offers the ‘Best Practice Outsourcing Services’ for all aspects of clinical data management, including high volume scanning, imaging, indexing, clinical summarisation & coding of patients’ medical records, retrieval, maintenance, offsite storage management of sensitive data with final integration into the clinical system being used at the practice.

We specialise in delivering outstanding quality through our reliable, accurate and cost effective technology based e-health solutions/services to help healthcare organisations worldwide in controlling costs, deliver quality and cultivate growth by increasing efficiency within each department.

Our core objective is to deliver accurate, secure & seamlessly integrated patient data to the right people at the right time.

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Two thirds of all the patient data is held in disorganised form, as freeform electronic documents or scanned letters or pdfs. Or worse still as historic paper documents held off-site in a giant warehouse. Or, for GP practices, in the back room of the surgery.


Transforming Primary Care

The healthcare industry is undergoing unprecedented changes where patients' medical data and other clinical information plays a very significant role in providing better healthcare services to the patients. As a result, the way patient medical records are being stored and managed is changing too!

NHS Digital have launched an initiative with an aim to get all GP practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in England to offer Digital-First primary care to their patients. Digital-first primary care will lead this transition but the implementation of such digital-first healthcare service across the Primary Care Networks is extremely complicated and challenging. Moreover, this objective can only be achieved by replacing the current patchwork of paper records with digital patient records for each of England's 60 million patients across 7000 GP practices. On an average, GP Practices could have upto 750,000 patient documents and therefore could be looking at hundreds of hours of additional work to digitise all Lloyd George records by 2024 under the new five year GMS contract agreement. And with the ever increasing pressure on general practices, Primary Care Organisations who are looking to take this humongous and over-whelming task upon themselves, are fighting a losing battle because of huge costs, tight timelines and limited resources available to achieve these targets in the time available.

Our clinical data management services can help you ……by digitising those medical records to create an electronic version of that physical paper record and deliver your target of being paperless by 2024.

Let us assist you on your journey of patient digitisation….

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