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Who are we?

MediTech Solutions is the national provider of leading edge & comprehensive e-Health solutions that offers the ‘Best Practice Outsourcing Services’ for all aspects of clinical data management, including high volume scanning, imaging, indexing, clinical summarisation & coding of patients’ medical records, retrieval, maintenance, offsite storage management of sensitive data with final integration into the clinical (PAS)system

We specialise in delivering outstanding quality through our reliable, accurate and cost effective technology-based e-health solutions/services to help Healthcare organisations worldwide in controlling costs, deliver quality and cultivate growth by increasing efficiency within each department. Drawing on deep industry expertise and an impressive portfolio of interrelated consulting, business processes, application & infrastructure services, we blend strategic design, proven technology, and timely delivery to create scanning and digitising solutions that improves productivity, efficiency and maximise returns on IT investments. Through collaborative long-term relationships, we enable our customers to achieve full satisfaction and sustain measurable results.

We are a fast growing "Information Management" company which specialises in providing seamless solutions for:

  1. High volume Digital Scanning and Imaging solutions,
  2. Clinical Data Summarising/Entry,
  3. Medical Transcription and
  4. Digital Dictation & Workflow Management solutions
  5. Healthcare Systems (HIS, EPR/EMR, PAS) Integration
  6. Offsite Records Storage Management

MediTech Solutions is a company with innovation, creativity and is formed in association with medical professionals with the sole purpose of helping other healthcare professionals to deliver better patient care services. We are a young, dynamic and highly ambitious business organisation which prides itself in delivering the highest standards of customer services. Over the years we have developed an enviable reputation for successfully delivering innovative Scanning and Data Management solutions,, customised to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, ranging from individual GP practices to larger GP Consortia and even NHS hospitals.

Our Mission

What do we want?

To become the pioneers in the field of clinical data management by providing highest standards of clinical data management and summarisation services to cater to the future needs of the medical world at very competitive rates.

There is a growing need for enhanced healthcare which now is becoming more complex to organise and provide. With the current healthcare industry undergoing large-scale modernisation process and experiencing drastic changes, there is an immense pressure on doctors and other healthcare professionals to deliver better patient care by adopting and implementing the newly reformed healthcare working environment.

Our mission is to take care of all aspects of clinical data management, from digitising/computerising patient records to data entry and summarising patients' medical records, thereby completely revolutionising the way patient information is being recorded, stored, shared, maintained or used.

Our Philosophy

We are constantly looking to push the boundaries by researching into the latest technologies to design and implement the 'right solution' for our clients.

We believe in working hard with our clients to understand their requirements, develop an optimal technical solution that suits their business processes & economic constraints, followed by continually providing the high quality and timely services promised by us.

Our Ideology:-

  • Delivering accurate, secure & integrated medical data to the right people at the right time.
  • To develop strong and healthy relationships with our clients
  • Working hard towards building a reputation for innovation leadership in Clinical Data Management
  • Constantly looking for opportunities to further enhance and improve our already excellent services.


Our professional Memberships and Accreditations

MediTech Solutions have ensured that our high quality services can be delivered in the most cost effective way. Our quality standards ensure our services not only remain of a high standard but also that we are fully committed to process improvement. We are constantly looking for way to further improve the standard and quality of our service, providing that extra peace of mind to our clients that their data is fully secure and in safe hands.

We adopt a very serious approach to Information Security and our memberships to professional bodies are the testaments to our claims of implementing safeguards of highest standards to protect data confidentiality and security.



ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Adopted in 1998, ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard, setting out the requirements for an organisation's ISMS. It provides the necessary tools needed to ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the information that is vital to the business.

Our ISO 27001 Certification demonstrates that we have adopted and implemented an Integrated Information Security Management System based on the specification detailed in PAS99. This helps provide assurance surrounding the adequacy and effectiveness of key controls for information security within Meditech Solutions when dealing with very extremely confidential and sensitive patient data ISO 27001 is designed to implements the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model and is the best practice specification on the security of information systems and networks that helps businesses and organizations throughout the world to develop a best-in-class ISMS.


ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)
The ICO is committed to promoting and upholding the data privacy of individuals, in our case, patients. This is achieved by overseeing two key pieces of legislation that safeguard sensitive personal identifiable data. These are the Data Protection Act 1998( and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

Registration with ICO dictates how best to manage and storage of sensitive personal information, leading to better business practices. We have been successfully registered with ICO for over 4 years.

  • Our registration Number: Z1647099
  • Our Security Number: 10771667


Information and Records Management Society

MediTech Solutions is a member of the Information and Records Management Society.

The Information and Records Management Society, launched in 1983, recognised the ever-increasing number of people working in the fields of medical records and information management. The Information and Records Management Society is the foremost professional association for all those who work in or are concerned with confidential medical records or sensitive information management, regardless of their professional or organisational status or qualifications. Organisations managing internal or external patients’ medical records or information systems and those that provide services in these fields, are provided with the latest standards and regulations for Information & records management.

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