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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Electronic medical records are the documents created by the healthcare facility, which records what happened during a patients’ visit to that healthcare facility. Without proper implementation of EMR systems, electronic health record systems cannot properly be created or implemented. Properly integrated EMR systems will help reduce the opportunity for medical record error.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are the industry standard in medical records management. We can implement your EMR system with automated backups and creates a simple and easy-to-use electronic medical record for your medical facility, imaging center, or hospital that allows for a smooth transition when coordinated by our expert implementation team. Our expertise in biomedical, clinical technology informatics enables us to maintain a comprehensive medical records system for your organization at a practical cost.

From Administration...

MediTech’s customization of a hosted EMR allows for your patients’ record to begin with their first appointment in a way that fits your facility. Administrative staff can create the individual’s EMR upon their first scheduled visit and begin an easily accessible record that tracks your patients all the way from administration to billings. And, with training and support from CORE we can assure that all staff will understand how to use the system properly allowing for paperless and secure storage for patient records.

To Medical Professionals…
Doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners can access patient records easily and quickly, adding to patient notes and dictating directly into the EMR. MediTech’s EMR management provides doctors/clinicians with more time to see patients and less time charting or on other admin tasks.

To Billing…
The EMR managed by us is even capable of billing electronically. Your administrative staff can pull up a patient’s bills at the front desk and your billing department can easily see the patient record to provide prompt billing statements.

Even to Data Backup & Hosting…
With MediTech managing your EMR, you don’t have to worry about misplacing files or crashed hard drives. We back up your data hourly to our secure off-site data storage center. The best part is the whole system is that its totally paperless. You won’t have to worry about someone pulling the wrong file or misplacing it. Access any patient information quickly 24 hours a day.


HIS & EMR Customisation and Implementation

MediTech Solutions has a team of experts who are experienced Doctors, IT Experts and domain specialists. We offer Clinical Integration & Implementation services for HIS/ EMR systems from variety of vendors. Our team of experts will guide you right from the process selecting a right system, negotiations, vendor selection, infrastructure creation, consulting, customization, implementation, training and support.
The HIS / EMR implementation can be divided into 3 phases :

  1. Pre Implementation
  2. Implementation
  3. Post Implementation

Details …

  1. Pre Implementation
    Services which can be provided by MediTech Solutions Pre Implementation Consulting in
    1. Enterprise Architecture
    2. Process Mapping and suggestions on Process reengineering.
    3. AS IS’ Workflow Design and suggestions on Workflow redesigning.
    4. Formulate needs of the client.
    5. Help in preparing the RFP
    6. Help the Client in accessing the RFI’s and advise on product selection.
    7. Suggest the Client on ways of automating the whole hospital.
    8. Study and define the interfacing of the equipments with the HIS, EMR or EHR Systems.
    9. Identifying the time line needed to do a proper implementation.
    10. Identify the major ‘Key Performance Indicators’ for the project

  2. Implementation
    We provide following staff for managing the PMO
    1. Project Manager
    2. Clinical Advisor
    3. Relationship Manager
    4. Change Management Personnel
    5. Risk & Issue Management Personnel
    6. Implementation Specialists (Functional)
    7. Implementation Specialists (Technical)
    8. Integration and Interfacing Specialists
    9. Database experts to oversee MPI transfer and Documents transfer
    10. Training Coordinator
    11. Constantly monitor the major ‘Key Performance Indicators’ to measure all the performance and delivery targets against the agreed standards.

  3. Post Implementation
    Services which can be provided by MediTech Solutions
    1. Post Implementation support
    2. Maintenance & Support activities (long duration)
    3. Ongoing training (Web based)


Why Us

MediTech Solutions has been formed by the finest minds in the Information Technology and Healthcare Industries. The founders and associates have a combined experience of over 80 years in Healthcare IT services for:

  • Patient Records Storage solutions
  • Medical Records Management
  • Medical Records Scanning, Indexing and Imaging.
  • EMR Implementation and Integration,
  • Hospital Management
  • Software Development and any bespoke web development
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Administration
  • Network and Data Security with Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Bespoke Clinical Data and/or Medical Equipment Integration

MediTech Solutions is a leader in healthcare IT and healthcare IT consulting. As part of our unique Start-to-Finish consulting approach for all aspects of the project, we provide experienced project manager(s) who fully understand the value of a well organised, methodically planned and tightly managed project. By using PRINCE 2 methodology to ensure consistent, high-quality planning and service provision, we can guarantee a smooth deployment and effective management of complex roll-outs across multiple sites.

Our professionally trained information technology and Healthcare Experts provide unparalleled service for your entire healthcare IT needs. From custom-build healthcare solutions, developing HIS/ EMR systems to System Security, Patient Database Creation Services, Disaster Recovery etc, COGNIZ strives to provide the highest service standards to exceed expectations.

MediTech Solutions is revolutionizing the way healthcare information technology and clinical informatics are used together to provide a single solution for the healthcare industry. We are the experts in clinical information integration from disparate data sources, to enable the trust to harness the full advantage of the ‘Fully Integrated’ clinical information. Working with a sense of urgency, sensitivity and confidentiality when handling/processing all important Patient Identifiable Data and the associated medical information, we offer strategic solutions that meet all your healthcare IT needs.


  1. Highly experienced staff in HIS, EMR implementation
  2. Client can save upto 40% of the costing on Project Management.
  3. Client can utilize their staff for routine work and does not need to compromise on daily affairs
  4. Client can get a sustained Support post implementation (both offshore and onsite)
  5. Client saves valuable time as experienced staff oversees the implementation.

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