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Q: What services do you offer?
We offer smart data conversion solutions such as Patient Data Summarisation and Medical Transcription
Q: What type of accounts do you serve?
We serve a very diverse clientele, ranging from small individual GP surgeries to large hospital trusts and even PCTs. Our services are aimed for all sizes and specialities.
Q: How is you company different to other companies offering similar services.
The biggest difference is that MediTech Solutions is the only company in UK who has the approval from NHS Connecting for Health to conduct its services on any NHS site via NHSNet/N3 connection.

Secondly, our state-of-art transcription/summarisation facility is being audited by NHS and has been fully tested against the stringent norms of BS7799 standards.

Last but not the least, we fully adhere to the Data Protection Act of EU and have very strict protocols to maintain patient confidentiality.
Q: Are your services secure?
Yes. Security is our primary concern. We have adopted and implemented highest industry standards for network security by using only E3 certified Check Point firewall, Citrix Thin-Client with 2 Factor Authentication and IP-Sec VPN to create a NHS approved data transfer environment.
Q: Why do you Outsource?
To provide the best quality services at most cost-effective prices. Our outsourcing model helps us to streamline our overheads and expenditures, enabling us to pass over those huge cost savings to our clients.
Q: Why do you outsource to India?
India has an enormous talent pool of highly educated, technically-skilled English-speaking professionals and specialised medical transcriptionists. Doctors and medical professionals in India have the same high standards of education and medical knowledge as that of GMC registered doctors in UK. And with the cost of living in India being much cheaper and the huge difference in currency value of the 2 countries, India offers the best of both worlds.
Q: Is that site secure?
Yes. We have very strict protocols in place to protect data both electronically and physically. We have exceeded the stringent norms of BS7799 for Information Security Management Systems and also have successfully achieved the approval from NHS Connecting For Health, confirming that our site offers the highest standards for data security and patient confidentiality.
Q: What is BS7799?
BS 7799 is a standard setting out the requirements for an Information Security Management System. It helps identify, manage and minimise the range of threats to which information is regularly subjected .

BS7799 is the most widely recognised security standard in the world. BS7799 ( BS7799-2:2005) is the international best practice information security management standards, defining and guiding Information Security Management System (ISMS) development.
Q: Describe what background checks are performed on your employees?
All our employees undergo a background Security check that includes their proof of address, a photocopy of their passport, check against their qualification, certificates, character references and past working experience including any gaps in their professional career. They would also be check for any past criminal records for themselves or close blood relations, including spouse and partners.
Q: I am interested. What's the next step?
Once you are fully satisfied, please contact us either on 07932965369 or email us at or submit your query and we would get in touch with you.


Q: How are your Clinical Data Summarisation services better than using internal solution?
Services help us free some internal clinical resources ?
Q: What does being paperless means to a GP Surgery?
Once fully summarised, there would be no paper records for the patients in your surgery. We would provide scanned images for all of patients, where information can be easily search, retrieve and fully utilize them. This would not only save your surgery revenues in storage and maintenance of paper records but also makes the life of your medical staff much easier. And most importantly, you would become fully complaint with the new healthcare working environment introduced by NPFIT.
Q: How do you charge your services?
We charge on the basis of per sheet scanned. We treat both A4 sheets and Lloyd George cards as the same. On request, MediTech Solutions can also provide quotation for per patient record.
Q: Does this help in my payments under the GMS Quality and Outcomes framework?
Under the GMS Quality and Outcomes framework, fully summarised surgeries would be given QOF points which can be converted into financial benefits. Hence, the surgery would get full return on their investment for data summarisation.
Q: Will my PCT pay for Data Summarisation?
Some PCTs might contribute into the costs involved for data summarisation. We would even help you to present your case to your local PCT.
Q: How does your work impact on the day-to-day running of my practice?
We operate completely independent of your site. Our operations would not cause any inconvenience to you and would not impede your day-to-day activities activities.
Q: How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of the patient record?
We have very strict protocols in place to protect the privacy of the patients. We would sign a "Confidentiality agreement" with the surgery as well for their peace of mind. Regarding Security, we have implemented a highly secure and a NHS approved data transfer environment, by using only E3 certified hardware such as Check Point firewall, Citrix Thin-Client with 2 Factor Authentication and IP-Sec VPN for our system network.
Q: How would the records come back to us?
We would integrate the final patient summaries in your clinical system by using the right coding system.
Q: What happens if I have particularly complex or sensitive patient records requiring conversion?
We would ask the surgery to identify their special patients such as celebrities and public figures and would separate them from the normal scanning process. If the surgery wants, MediTech Solutions would offer to summarise those records on site. Regarding complex or complicated records, we would try our level best to summarise those records but if the quality of the record is too bad, then we would notify the surgery or flag the pages that were not summarised in a status report in which we would provide with every such record.
Q: Do you use any coding system?
We would be creating patient summaries using "READ" codes or for that reason any other coding system that your surgery might use.
Q: How do you help us to remain paperless?
Once fully summarised, we would provide our transcription services to create any new patient records or update the already created records with any new information. This would enable you enjoy the benefits of operating under the paperless environment.


Q: How are your Medical Transcription Services compared to an in-house transcription solution?
The most important difference is that we operate round-the-clock on 24x7x365 basis, and unlike medical secretaries, we are not confined to the normal working hours of 9 to 5. Even the weekends or bank holidays impede in us making that critical information available to the right people at the right time. Secondly, we don't have overheads normally associated with in-house transcription, hence we are cheaper and faster than other conventional methods.
Q: How can you reduce the dependency on medical secretaries?
Research studies have shown that outsourcing your repetitive, lengthy and time-consuming tasks could offer a hospital cost-savings equivalent to employing 10-12 medical secretaries, there by significantly reducing the consultant-secretary ratio.
Q: How much volume of transcription work can you handle?
We can handle any work volumes. The strength of our transcription team can be anything from 5 to 500 within no time, enabling us to transcribe million of lines for our clients within the designated timelines.
Q: Can I increase the volume of work?
Yes, you can increase the volume of your work at any time. Just let us know the same to enable us to make appropriate changes.
Q: What are your hours of operation?
We work on a 24x7x365 basis. Our teams work in 8 hour shifts round the clock.
Q: What sort of Turn-Around-Time do you offer?
Our Turn-Around-Time could be anything from 2- 48 hours, depending on our clients' requirements. But our normal TAT is that of 24 hours. In some cases, we can even offer real-time transcription for certain specialities.
Q: How are your services cheaper than other transcription organisations?
With MediTech Solutions, you avoid any middle man as we handle and manage projects all sizes from inception to completion. With integrated offices in the UK and India, MediTech Solutions coordinates transcription workflow at a fraction of the usual cost, leveraging huge financial and economic advantage to our clients.
Q: What sort of training do you provide to your medical transcriptionists?
We hand pick the best and highly experienced medical transcriptionists to work with us. We hold classroom sessions and extensive on-hands training before allocating them to a project. We also provide ongoing training and are constantly collecting feedback.
Q: Do you provide toll-free lines for dictation?
Yes, we would be providing this feature to our clients very soon.
Q: Do you have a quality assurance program?
Yes. We have a very strict QA policy as dictated by HPI Guidelines and HIPAA. For more information, please see our Quality Assurance section of the website.
Q: What is HIPAA
This is the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" which defines guidelines and regulations to protect the confidentiality and security of all electronic health information.
Q: Is MediTech solutions HIPAA Compliant?
Yes, we are fully HIPAA compliant. We have taken extensive steps to offer the highest standards of security and confidentiality to all medical information that we handle.
Q: What are your price plan structures?
We prefer to charge our client on the basis of per ASCII line, which contains 65 alpha numeric characters including spaces. But on request, MediTech Solutions can provide costs breakdowns for per page or per patient report.
Q: What is teleradiology?
TeleRadiology is where we receive X-Rays, MRI scans, CT or PET scans etc from hospitals and our specialist doctors closely study those scans/images, prepare a report and send it back to the hospital within 24 hours. These services are in line with the PICTURE ARCHIVING AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS (PACS) that has been launched as part of NPFIT.
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