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Medical Transcription

Today's healthcare environment is facing unique and unprecedented challenges. There is a tremendous pressure on Healthcare and IT Managers to reduce the operational and organisational costs but still deliver high levels of service with unquestioned quality

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical Transcription is a process whereby medical information is accurately and swiftly voice-recorded and transferred electronically for transcription and the end product is an electronic version of the initial data, which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and can be made available in any format of your choice. Medical Transcription enables medical data to be recorded in an accurate, cost and time efficient manner which confers clear benefits in patient management across NHS, whether hospital or community settings. We offer a wide range of transcription services to our customers and offer specialized transcription templates to cater their needs.


The increasingly busy medical environment is putting an enormous strain on healthcare staff to keep up with referral, discharge & patient letters and case notes. On top of this, healthcare professionals are already pushed so much for time, they do not have the time needed to complete the lengthy and time-consuming task of updating patient information management system. Allied to this has been the shortage of skilled medical secretaries in the UK. Hence, the economical and financial stipulations of many big or small NHS Organisations have necessitated the use of specialised outsourced medical transcription services.

Our transcription outsourcing solution can offer significant benefits to NHS hospitals trusts that includes:

  • A significant reduction in the turnaround time of dictation tasks from several weeks to just a few hours or a day.
  • Increased administrative efficiency with hospital departments.
  • Significant reduction in operational costs with no usual overheads such as annual/bank holidays, sick leaves or retirement.
  • Less pressure on the hospital management to organise secretarial cover.
  • Huge savings on temporary staff costs.
  • Nil or minimum initial setup costs. Hence, minimal investment is needed from the client.

We offer medical transcription services to large hospitals to generate electronic reports for:

  • Patient's Consultations, Follow-up Notes, Patient Chart Notes and Patient Progress Reports
  • History and Physical Reports, Independent Medical Evaluations and Peer reviews
  • Surgical Procedures, Operative Reports, Pathology Reports and Discharge Summaries
  • Clinic or Office Notes, Letters and other general or insurance related correspondence
  • Workman Compensation Reports, Disability Reports

We are one of the very few medical transcription organisations to offer Remote Image Processing and Teleradiology services to the NHS Trust hospitals. Please click here to find out more….


In the coming times, it is going to be more expensive to maintain and deliver accurate and up-to-date patient records. With the introductions of "Choose and Book" framework under Directed Enhanced Services, all hospitals referral letters and other patient correspondences should be forwarded within a mandatory timeframe of 72 hours or less. GP Surgeries throughout UK are struggling to meet these targets and this has put healthcare managers under immense pressure.

MediTech Solutions can help in achieving these targets via our Medical Transcription services without the need of the surgery investing heavily on hiring more medical secretaries or temporary staff. We offer a turn-around-time of 24 hours for all such referral letters in a format of your choice. We can help you in saving costs and valuable administration time with our wide range of quality, reliable, accurate, cost-effective medical transcription solutions

  • MediTech Solutions can digitise all or part of the new patient information from the latest patient consultations which would be recorded using the digital dictaphone provided by us to the doctor/consultant/physician. We would then transfer that electronic information to the clinical system in the surgery with in 24 hours at very reasonable and competitive prices.

  • We can transcribe all patient correspondences including referral letters and any practice letters.


We can also help PCT by offering our Medical Transcription services for all or any of their departments or specialities. We are also capable of providing our services to hospitals under your juridiction to transcribe all their correspondence, referral letter and patient reports. Please contact us to see how we can help you in saving costs and in delivering a cost-effective Data Management Strategy.


Transcription Process Layout

We have streamlined our transcription process to make it simple and easy for our client to understand, follow and implement. Our simple 6 step turnkey process for transcription is:

  1. Requirement Analysis : This usually involves a meeting with the client where we learn and ask to better understand their requirements and objectives, including the turn-around time and format of the end product.

  2. Proposal Submission : On the basis of the above meeting, we would submit a project proposal to the client that would include the agreed costs, timelines and turn-around-time.

  3. Uploading the Voice Recording : We use a NHS approved data transfer environment to upload all dictations and recordings for transcription. We accept data in any format electronic, paper, video, or Audio voice files (including .MP3, .DSS, .VOX, .AU and .WAV files)and convert it into the optimal electronic format.

  4. Data Conversion : All the dictations are transcribed by highly experienced and specialised medical transcribers only.

  5. Quality Assurance Program : We offer a rigorous final review to ensures accurate and reliable conversion, including formatting, field size, multi-field relationships, data logic, format and validity. Our 3 level QA program ensures that we maintain highest standards and are fully 100% HIPPA complaint.

  6. Data Export : Final delivery of the finished data in a format of your choice.



Our medical transcription services are aimed to simplify the business of medicine for all healthcare institutions, from small GP clinics to large NHS Trust Hospital or even Local Service Providers such as the PCT. We can significantly improve their working lives in so many ways:-

  • Better Time Management : Medical Transcription enables the doctors and physicians to reduce the time taken to document patient consultations and organize them by storing them at one place which is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime.
  • Better Patient Care : As medical transcription allows doctors to voice record all their consultations, hence is significantly faster than typing the same. GPs can afford to document more detailed information about their consultations. This clearly confers a protective benefit as insufficient details and frequent use of abbreviations while making consultation notes may contribute adversely in a medico-legally defence case.
  • Detailed Patient Consultations : With document creation taken care of, doctors and physicians have more time on their hands to perform their core competencies of providing patient care. Hence, more number of patients could be seen by the doctor in the same amount of available time without compromising the quality of the patient management.
  • Cost Effectiveness : Hospitals and surgeries can optimise their financial results by significantly reducing the operational costs involved and also by eliminating the overheads normally associated with in-house transcription, there by generating more revenues and increasing profitability.
  • Enhanced Productivity : Medical Transcriptionists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year as compared to the normal working hours of the secretaries and other healthcare staff. Even the bank holidays and weekends would no longer impede in the process of data transcription, which could be done over night or even on a Sunday, making that vital medical information/data available when, where and how it is required.
  • Ease of Recording : The portability of digital medical transcription offers a great degree of freedom and flexibility to doctors, enabling them to record data “entirely” at their own convenience from any place and any time suitable to them.
  • Computerizing Patient Records : Medical Transcription services can significantly contribute in transferring patient medical data from paper to Electronic patient records, which can be put on the NHS National Patient Record Database “SPINE” to comply with the NPfIT.
  • Effeciency : Healthcare professional and secretaries can work more efficiently by streamlining their work process management and can utilize their time more effectively on other important aspects of patient care.


"AT MediTech Solutions, it is our people who come first"

We respect and value all our team members. Mutual trust and confidence forms the cornerstone of our relationships within the organization. In our people, we encourage confidence, a thirst to learn and a burning desire to excel. Our people are energized and motivated to scale the most difficult heights and it is the challenge to scale the most difficult heights, which brings out the best in our people.

The human resource Philosophy at MediTech Solutions aims at attracting the brightest of talents from the industry, managing their aspirations and ambitions, creating an environment that encourages learning and ensuring that all our talents see a career with us and grow with the organization.

We only employ the services of best medical transcripts and provide them with an extensive training program to offer our customers a high quality and accurate outsourcing solution, significantly reducing the existing error rates and costs. Most of our professionals have 2+ years of MT experience in an acute care facility and follow strict HIPAA style and guidelines for Medical Transcription. For candidates with less professional experience, we provide them a rigorous training and testing program before they qualify to do the production work.

Our transcriptionists are your ears and eyes as they pick up each word perfectly from a variety of pronunciation, from different dictions, from an interesting assortment of accents with a seasoned ease of a surgeon's scalpel. We are constantly updated them with the medical lexicon. Our editors add to the exactness, while our Quality Control Professionals ensure fidelity in each concluded transcription. A team of doctors and professionals offer logical support to our Medical Transcription Service, totting up your comfort levels.

The strength of our transcription team can be increased or decreased depending on the workload coming our way. We have strategic partnership with other business leaders in the field of medical transcription who can help us expand our workforce very rapidly.

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